“I have worked with Grace for over 20 years, on international events involving Japanese government and corporations. She would be my first recommendation when asked for a high caliber conference and simultaneous interpreter. It is always my pleasure to work with her.

Simultaneous interpretation is a highly skilled profession—and in the case of Japanese to English, and vice versa, quite complex and exhausting work. When recommending an interpreter at the most expert level, particularly when it involves working with VIPs at the Japanese Government Minister or Vice-Ministerial level (guests who are expecting excellent performance, without mistakes, and with a consistently calm demeanor), then Grace has always been my recommended choice.

Personally, I also know that she has been repeatedly selected by very well known Japanese companies involved in major, high profile cases. These firms can identify and hire the very best interpreters available, and I personally can attest to the fact that they hire Grace.

The only downside has been that I’ve often wished that Grace had an exact clone available. When she’s busy, she’s very, very busy. But when she’s available, no matter how technical or arcane the discussion, she will get your point across with meticulous accuracy, and in a calm, precise manner.”

—Brian Sword, Advisor at Consulate of Japan